Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I have started to twitter again. Its great fun. Now I can add little tweets about Owen and get them to post here too. Will need the hubby's help for that. Not much going on. We went to grandma and grandpa Hoogenboom's last night and Owen was already he made it to about 6:45 pm and then had a MELTDOWN..WOW. It was exhausting for me. Once we got him out to the car he was fine though. He just needed to get away. He is already so much like Wes and I.

Owen got the CUTEST puppet of a horse I have ever seen. I love it. He likes it too but not as much as me..Im sure with time he will like it more. The funny thing is you have to stick your hand up his rump to use it..HA.

Will post a picture of it soon.

House is in shambles. EVERYTHING is practically in the basement. Waiting for the new windows to come in tomorrow. I am so excited. Will feel like a new house. Next step PAINTING.
Have to evacuate for a few days. Think were gonna rent a hotel room. Will be a nice vacation. Might as well spend as much money as we can now cuz let me tell ya its gonna be tight after this. We HAVE to pay the windows off by the end of the year. OPERATION WINDOW PAYOFF starts 01/12/2008...

Will let ya know how it goes.

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