Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No more binkey

No more binkey for Owen. He gave it up for Ironman toy for good. He went with out it for about three days when he started to ask for it again. We have not given it to him but it has altered his personality. He has been MOODY and EXTREMELY loud and not very good behavior. But I figure all this will disappear once he gets over the bink. Its probably a lot like not smoking any longer.

He is liking Montessori a lot but sadly I am getting flustered with them. Seems like he is not being supervised very well. They lost his extra clothing, they let him sleep on the floor with no blankets or covers, they do not give him a nap unless he falls asleep on the floor. He was choking on a tomato when I picked him up the other day. Not sure whats going on, if it does not get better once classes start I think he is going to have to go back to Growing Kids, we will just have to try a new room.

Silas is doing really well. He is getting so big. At his two month appointment he weighed 17 Ibs and 6 oz and was 25 3/4 inches long. We only got him two shots: this time we got him the pertussus and rotovirus. Were gonna go back and get the rest of the shots next visit..luckily it comes in one shot now..or maybe we will get all three at different times, we still have not decided fully. He is loved at Growing Kids and I am told that he is the best baby and so sweet. I have to agree.

I was pumping the other day and Owen took my pump from me and started to pump also. So cute.

Back to work my first full week and now I am feeling sick. I am going to attempt work, especially since this is my six hour day, hopefully I can get through it. I am now working all week but 8 hours on Monday and six hours the rest of the week. The six hour day goes by sooooo fast. I have been dressing really nice and wearing makeup and getting lots of compliments at work.

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