Sunday, August 1, 2010

Starting Work Tomorrow

Well I go back to work tomorrow. So sad. My second time back to work after having a baby. Have to admit that it is easier this time, not having as much anxiety. But still will miss my little baby. Owen has become quite hyper and will not listen to a word we say. So the past half a year has been interesting to say the least..since I was preggers and now have a newborn.

Kinda bummed out because we have not been to the zoo hardly at all this year, mostly because it has been so freaking hot. Owen does really well there. I think maybe we will go today. It should be fun.

I have soooo many pictures that I wan to post to my blog to get everyone caught up on life. I am happy to be blogging again. Wes has a new lab top that belongs to his work and I love working on it. It is the BEST computer..and I can sit upstairs with the kids and just blog away.

Well gotta go.

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Karen Proust said...

I am very glad to read your blogs again! Especially since I'll be leaving for ann arbor soon! It will be easier to keep up with you and your amazing family if you continue to blog about it! :)