Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life is going to quickly

Well Si is already four months old. Hard to believe. My friend Tara has been watching him, she is the one who watched Owen until he was nine months. He is a super happy boy. Which is nice since Owen seems to be pretty grumpy and challenging these days. Love age 3, what does he do you ask. Well just now he walked up to me and wiped his snotty nose on me. Right now he is climbing in the babies toys, even though we told him at least 100 x's this morning not to get in there. He already climbed up on the counter and got into the candy, got in the fridge and ate three pickles..and now he is back in the fridge. Yes and the child has only been awake for an hour. LMAO. He is super sweet child too though. When I picked him up from Montessori yesterday he had to show everyone in his classroom my new pink shirt. He is so proud of his momma. Silas is too, he got a glimpse of me this morning when daddy was holding him and I got a smile that was worth a million dollars. Both my boys are soooo sweet. I just adore being their momma and wonder how I got so lucky. Owen is so funny, he keeps asking me to get another baby in my belly and this time it has to be a girl. LOL. I said that would be nice, but maybe in a few years..
I have been signing up for House Parties again. I just got rejected for a coffee one. So funny since we drink soooo much coffee, that one would have been perfecto. Well I still am in the running for a Gerber party (which would be super cool since I had a Gerber party when Owen was a baby), a Itoy(playstation) party, and a Sabra party. I love Sabra hummus..yum yum.
Kathy at work took a class on how to make yogurt and cheese. How fun would that be. It sounds pretty easy and it would be so nice to be able to make things from scratch. I would love to have some property one day and a GREAT big kitchen to be able to grow my own food, have a few chickens for some eggs and maybe even a goat for some milk and then make my own food. That would rocksauraus. Like that word?
Speaking of were going to look at a house with five acres of land. Yes cool would that be. I think that were super broke right now and would not be able to afford it but you never know right. Maybe it wont sell and we can sell our house and get it..who knows. Our house now is super cozy and I like the neighborhood but the pit fall to it is that its a HUGE money pit. Just seems to keep eating our money up and I fear were not going to ever get anything back from it. Its pretty depressing. I fear I am going to have to go back to work full time as much as they allow me just to get some of the bills paid up! Which makes me very sad. I love spending time with the boys and I feel like they are safest when they are with me. Yes I trust others but they are know.
Silas is trying to sit up these days and plays very well with toys. He also will reach his hands up to me when I go to pick him up. I taught him how to do that. Its so cute to see him. Well hopefully when I get my ipad I can start posting some of Owens art work and blogging more. Right now I have very limited time..

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