Saturday, October 9, 2010

House For Sale

So we went to look at this house that is for sale in Granger. It is super cool. I loved it. Wes was not as impressed. Not really any sort of issue since we can not afford two houses anyways..but gosh I loved it. I really loved looking out the back yard and seeing literally five acres of land..flat land that just went on and on..all I could think about is the HUGE bon fires we could have, setting up a volley ball pit and the enormous play ground equipment we could put back there. The down side of the house is that the basement is a crawl space and when the people remodeled it they did not use the best materials..its defiantly a flip house. But overall the little that needs to be done to it I think it would be worth it. Owen loved it but told me he likes our house better. LOL. I guess the bottom line home really is where the heart is..and obviously since this is all he knows this is where his heart is. Such a sweet kid.

Unbelievable that I am able to blog twice in one day. Both and yes I did say both boys are sleeping right now at the same time and Wes is mowing..WOW.

So I think the bottom line is: try to pay off what we can in debt and work on fixing up our home now so that way hopefully if the economy ever picks up we may just be able to sell our house and get a bigger one..or at least start remodeling this one so we can enjoy it more. Both ideas seem pretty good to me really..

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