Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monkey see Monkey do

No I am not really calling my son a monkey, but that is a wonderful saying and it makes so much sense to me now that I have a kid. Owen is our little copy cat. For example: today we went to Borders to look around. And Owen decided he wanted out of his stroller, so we obliged and got him out. Once he was out he was pushing around his stroller and randomly stopping through out the store and putting things that looked appeasing to him into the stroller. It was cracking us up. Then he saw me drinking out of my new water bottle and he had to drink out of it too. He also was trying to help me in the garden this weekend. It is just so cute. He has been seriously fussy these days though. I think it has a lot to do with teething, and now that he is old enough to communicate his uncomforatbleness, HE

Owen has also found a new love..out doors. We can hardly keep him in the house. He will go over to the patio door and just bang on it and whine until we take him outside. It is funny and cute. He does not care what the weather is like either..rain, sunshine whatever he wants to be outside. This is a good thing, I hope he continues to be like that.

We do not watch TV all that often around here, but ever so often I like to watch George is really funny. And now Owen loves that show. When it comes on he gets so excited. He loves the song, slow rider, and they play that in the beginning credits. Too cute.

Well I have to return to work tomorrow. Pretty sad about it. I have to admit I loved being home with Owen this past week..even if he was sick. It was nice to spend so much time with him. Not to mention my allergies are going CRAZY right now and my eyes are red, and itchy. My nose is running like crazy and my throat is itchy. Its awful. It will make for a long work day I am sure, and now I am on late shift so the days are going to seem super long. I hate being so far away from my baby boy.

Well better get to bed..night night and God bless to all you mothers out there.

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