Saturday, May 3, 2008

OK so I have been terrible at blogging these days

So what new is happening in our lives? Well lets see to sum it all up: OWEN HAS BEEN NON STOP SICK!! It is horrible. Every weekend he is coughing or snotting and we have to take Monday off so we can stay home with him. It has been like this since he started in the toddler room. I feel so bad for him and I am running out of leave at work. My boss tried to make me feel better by telling me that a study was done and children in Daycare are less likely to get leukemia because their immunity is so good because they have been exposed to so many things. OYE VEY!! Well thats great in the long run, what about right now. And yes right now he is sleeping and coughing, and his cough is horsey sounding. Our lives have been constantly revolving around caring for him. I am feeding him lots of good solid foods, I am still nursing and taking vitamins and I try to get him outside as much as possible for good fresh clean air. But those nasty little virus' just keep creeping in and taking over. The doctor said that there really is not a darn thing I can do differently, except put him in a bubble. Well though it sounds great, we all know that is just not practical.

He is doing great, he walks like a champ now. He says a lot of words and he can communicate very well with grunts and jesters. He has also learned that he can throw a tantrum and he will be sure to save it up for who ever made him mad at the moment..including the dog. Today I walked away from him while he was in tantrum mode and he got up followed me to the bathroom and as soon as I was back in his sight he threw himself on the floor and started crying. It was seriously so funny.

Well I am tired but will try to write some more tomorrow. I am going to start keeping a daily log so I can keep better track. Somehow the past few months have just completely slipped by and I can not even tell you where the heck they went.

OH and Sara and Chris are officially back and they live right around the corner from me. How cool is that!!!!!!

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